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Thames Lubricants Ltd

Production and Research Centre

Garner Street

Stoke on Trent


Registered in England No.03516425  VAT No. 704 8864 16


Telephone +44 (0) 1782 745678


O I L   C O N D I T I O N   M O N I T O R I N G


PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE through analysis of your equipments’ used lubricating oil.

Ideal for all types of working machinery and equipment using lubricating oils.

Fully synthetic high performance petrol engine and passenger car diesel lubricant.

Simply supply us by post in the free bottles supplied with a sample of used lubricant from

your equipment and we will send you a report evaluating in an easy to understand form:-




Additive levels

COST EFFECTIVE - Are you changing oil regularly enough to prevent damage and show wear metals content of component parts?

A regular pre service sample will then enable you to determine the most efficient and convenient oil change periods.

COST EFFECTIVE - Preventative maintenance in action.

A report showing the test history to date of each sample is produced enabling the engineer to determine areas of concern in advance of a breakdown from the levels of various wear metals reported.


Customer can establish most efficient lubricant change periods.

Preventative corrective maintenance action can be taken to specific parts “flagged” on excessive wear results.

Lubricant condition can be kept at efficient efficacy

An historical record of equipment can be established and maintained.

1. A report starts with a sample of the fresh oil installed and a sample of used oil at service period.

2. This is then analysed and a report is produced showing oil condition and wear metals content.

3. From this the customer can evaluate optimum oil change periods and any excessive or major changes can be “flagged” up for attention in the easy to read report format.

4. Subsequent used samples are then submitted at regular intervals and an historical record is produced showing all previous results on the particular piece of equipment.

5. A report can be issued with a first used oil sample but the trend will obviously not show until one sample analysis later.

6. A single sample analysis is always available if required as a spot check rather than a trend.